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"Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one to another."

~ The Law of Conversation of Energy

The universe exists in a fragile balance – a star is born as another dies. Thriving in the balance are stars seeking the energy of others to live, while not being consumed themselves. You are a newly born star, attempting to thrive for as long as possible.


Overview :.

  • The player controls a white star. Your energy is your health -- when you run out of energy, it's game over.
  • You can dash by pressing X (on Xbox Controller), which increases your speed for a few seconds.
  • Tap A (on Xbox Controller) to fire a few Sparks. Sparks will target and chase after Red Stars for you for ten seconds, damaging them over time. Your "Spark Count" tells you how many Sparks you currently have flying around the map.
    • **DON'T HOLD DOWN A** or you'll fire too many and die from energy loss! You don't need many to do damage! Less is more!
  • Entering the outside ring of Blue Stars restores your energy. However, staying inside too long will turn them into Red Stars. Be quick and careful! (Try skimming their edge instead of entering them fully)
  • Entering the outside ring of Red Stars will consume your energy. Hitting their cores directly (the solid, red ball in the middle) results in a game-over.

Objective :.

Turn all the Red Stars into Blue Stars!

Sparks will damage the Red Stars over time, turning them into Blue Stars. Their cores will turn bluer the closer they are to turning.

Controls :.


X Button ---------- Dash

A Button ---------- Fire Sparks

Analog Stick ----- Movement

Ōra was made in three weeks as a final student project at Long Island University - LIU Post, in the Digital Game Design and Development program. Most of the project was developed by myself, and music was created as a kind gesture by Eric Guadara, a fellow graduate student of the program. Any assets used were acquired by the Unity Asset store, and were paid in-full and credited appropriately in game.

I plan on continuing to update the game over the summer, including adding more sound effects, a tutorial mode and other polishing effects.


Ora.zip 31 MB

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